Our vision is to create brighter futures for South Africans by implementing interventions that bring DIGNITY, EQUALITY & OPPORTUNITY to all.


We believe that, where there is no hope, the dream of reaching a brighter future can be lost. And as dreams fade from generation to generation, the brightness of the South African future begins to fade with them. This hopelessness can shape our prospects, perspectives, and attitudes, determining our futures without us realizing it.

Hope Nation exists to take on the task of recovering Hope for a Nation, one life at a time.

We believe that, through bold vision, sincere collaboration, and dignifying & diverse community partnerships, we can see this generation rise to create a brighter future for all of South Africa. 


Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter for our organization: HOPE NATION.

Our story began 28 years ago in the heart of a community found within Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa – KwaDabeka. Under the name KwaCare (translated “the place where care lives”), we worked consistently to alleviate poverty through various initiatives. Through these initiatives, we saw many lives touched and transformed. And still, we knew that we could do more to address the needs of our Nation.

 As Hope Nation, we begin our journey towards a broader and brighter future, for our community and for our nation! This is our greatest purpose.

Our intent is to create a brighter future through projects that engage with spaces of hopelessness within South Africa and beyond, venturing into other African countries with practical interventions that create real opportunities for a brighter future. Our commitment is to partner with communities to restore dignity to lives of those who have experienced systemic distress and personal unhealth.